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We are happy to welcome you on the pages of our shop that offers original postcards.
Unfortunately our store is currently available only in Russian, but we are planning to add an English interface in the future. For now, we have created this page to help our customers who don’t speak Russian.
If you are already reading this text you will hopefully be patient enough to complete your offer. Our postcards are really worth it! :)

1.Prices and Discounts for Our Postcards

  • The general price for any of our postcards is 15 RUR (~ $0.20 / 0.17 EUR).
  • We ship orders over 1000 RUR (~ $13 / 11 EUR) Russia for free!
  • Our shop also uses discount coupons; we publish them on our special occasions, dates, holidays, or just for no reason.
If you have a code of our discount coupon, just enter it in the appropriate field when placing your order, and you will get an additional discount. eh_coupon
  • Best of all, we summarize all our discounts!
    If you have used our discount coupon, then your discount from the coupon and your volume discount summarize! Please note that your volume discount is calculated after your coupon discount. First your coupon discount is subtracted from your order amount, and then your order amount discount is calculated from the resulting sum.


2. Paying for Your Order

You can pay for your purchases from our store in the following ways:

  • PayPal.
    If you want to pay for our order via PayPal, just add a comment (you will see the comment field when completing your order) and we will prepare your bill
  • E-money (WebMoney, Qiwi)
    - To pay for your order via WebMoney, transfer the order amount to our wallet. You will find the wallet number in the confirmation email sent to your registration address .
    - To pay for your order via Qiwi, choose the corresponding payment option when placing your order.
    -  While completing your order, you will find a Qiwi billing form. Then you can present a bill and pay for it.



3. Shipment

We ship orders over 1000 RUR (~ $13 / 11 EUR) Russia for free!
Worldwide shipment fees below this amount depend on the weight of your dispatch, usually around 400–2000 RUR.

400RUR / 5.3$ / 4.5EUR - up to 100g. (<= 18 cards)
1200RUR / 16$ / 13.5EUR - from 500g. (~ 100 cards)


To place your order conveniently, we recommend that you use automatic website translation feature of Google Chrome.  Google Translate will help you translate the contents of our website (translate).

Enjoy your shopping!
Mark Stempel






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